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    Everything is changing! Mass production is now mass customization. Differentiation rules. Marketers must understand emotions, social patterns, and media consumption in order to design the next generation of products and messages. Advertising is dynamic communication. It's not easy keeping up. Fortunately, we love this shit.

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    Who cares.

    If wal-mart doesnt want you because you want to be bangin someone below you, then whatever.

    If a person wants wal-mart to sell their shit, dont you think that they'd want someone, more specifically, the CEO to check it out for himself?

    Yachts i don't quite understand as wal-mart doesnt sell them and most likely never will.

    Oh well. Like i said, who cares. I don't.



    - So if you don't care about it why bother writing several sentences explaining just how much you don't care.

    Its almost as pointless as this post ;)


    The Wal-Mart advertising account is worth about a 1/2 Billion dollars.

    Draft FCB won the account. Then Roehm was fired and the account went back under review and Martin won it.

    Wal-Mart doesn't need the publicity. Wal-Mart faces some serious charges in federal court.

    If the largest retailer in the world is involved on some shady practices at the CEO level, which could effect millions of people is pointless, then your right.

    But thanks for the comment;)


    I'd hit it.


    So what?

    Why do some people suddently act as if they have not known that the big companies incorporate swindling? Wal-mart is no exception.

    Something more confusing is they haven't seen it coming. I mean firing an insider and expecting them not to get back to them? Come on, grow up.

    jorge Bush SR

    The Dumb Azz's Should have took a play from the Bush administration and Said Brownie's Doin a Good Job or in this case Julie.
    These Walmart Batages are Crooked Snakes, First Hiring Illegal Maxicans By The Truck Load , and Now They Try too Snake One of There Own.


    Julie needs to take it like she did from her subordinate.You know, like a big girl! If she was so interested in ethics, she should have brought it up before she got porked!( sorry , I mean fired!). Laters!!

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