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    Everything is changing! Mass production is now mass customization. Differentiation rules. Marketers must understand emotions, social patterns, and media consumption in order to design the next generation of products and messages. Advertising is dynamic communication. It's not easy keeping up. Fortunately, we love this shit.

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    Many thanks for this!

    Owl City

    thanks for this article...
    I really need something like this.

    Sudoku Print Puzzles

    I'm not surprised. Wii Fit is still selling like hot cakes. The Hula Hoop game is highly addictive.

    Alfred Whittman

    And I thought that only a few would be able to beat GTA4 in sales. On top of that, it's Wii Fit. Well, I guess that can prove that a lot of people would love to have fun while working out.

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