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    Everything is changing! Mass production is now mass customization. Differentiation rules. Marketers must understand emotions, social patterns, and media consumption in order to design the next generation of products and messages. Advertising is dynamic communication. It's not easy keeping up. Fortunately, we love this shit.

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    Katie Fitzgearld

    love these! makes me want to buy a can of spray paint, a black ski mask, a white van, a cameraman, a sharpie in case the spray paint would be considered over-kill and find me some street signs. thanks for the inspiration, i'll call you when i need someone to pick me up from jail.

    Jim Cusson

    Hilarious. And you're right. Soemtimes there's startling talent to be found on the street.

    limousine phoenix arizona

    There are many traps that the motorist needs to be aware of and believe me while spending the last ten years of my life.

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